After successful Worldwide Online Newton Conference 2020 we decided to organise regular online meeting. At this moment we have a plan to meet every 2-3 weeks. Meetings usually last 2-3 hours. We talk on various topics, not just about Newton.

If you are a new Newton user, we invite you to the next meeting. If you have questions, we will gladly answer them.

If you are an old Newton user, it will definitely be a good time for you among Apple Newton enthusiasts and collectors.

If you like this initiative, please consider a small donation. If you want to support this initiative, please use the button below. Thank you very much!


2021/01/09: Global Newton Users Meetups #7: Hello in 2021
General meeting. A few words about Einstein, the next movie about Newtons. We also talked about the things we still do with our Newtons. Artur talked about SerialBox – a device that allows connecting multiple different sensors to eMate and take measurements, and about the device floating in the beer and used to measure its parameters. The next topic was Einstein on Android smartphones and how to measure the speed of the emulation (Newton Benchmark?). Mark shows us his beautiful icons made on his Newton by using the NewtPaint app. Because I’m not a programmer, I came up with the idea to organize a fundraiser, which we would spend on creating the NCX equivalent for the Windows platform. What do you think about it? On the next meeting, we will check which smartphone is fastest with the Einstein emulator 🙂


2020/07/25: Global Newton Users Meetups #5: Updates in Einstein, NCX app
On this meetup Matthias present a new function in Einstein emulator: virtual memory cards. He also describe his new method to dump content of physical PCMCIA memory cards and how to use it in Einstein. We also discuss about NCX – very important Newton Connection app, which allow to connect Newton with modern Mac with MacOS X. Of course, at the end a few random discussions 🙂


2020/07/11: Global Newton Users Meetups #4: De-Compliler module in Einstein (update) and Implant2017 module demo
During this meet-up Matthias showed us a new module in Einstein: De-Compiler. This module can decompile existing Newton app, so we can see the code and change it. Awesome things can be done!
Next, I’m showing Implant2017 received from Jake. Jake made ‘turbo’ module for Newton 2×00. It is more elegant version of Implant2000 made years ago by PIXsolution.
Between, we have a chat about old software copyrights etc. As always interesting topics 🙂


2020/06/27: Global Newton Users Meetups #3: BT module live demo
Our third meetup. Artur Krajewski and me, we prepared a live demo of BT module, which does not need any additional software (on Newton and Mac side) to connect Newton with NCX on MacOS.We think that is a huge improvement in connecting our Newtons with modern Macs. In the later part, Forrest shows us his case for Newton 2×00. We also have a chat about new Apple technology, new CPU, new OS, etc.


2020/06/13: Global Newton Users Meetups #2: Einstein De-Compiler and BT module for Newton
Our second meeting. Extremely interesting function in the new version of Einstein emulator: Matthias shows us how to de-compile any Newton application, make changes in code, and then re-compile ‘updated’ version back to Newton. This is awesome, because – technically – we do not need source code anymore to make updates to any application for Newton! In the next part, I was able to tell a few words about Artur Krajewski’s (and mine) small project: BT module, which does not need any additional software (on Newton and Mac side) to connect Newton with NCX on MacOS. Next meeting (27/06/2020) we will prepare a demo of the final product 🙂 That will be a huge improvement in connectin Newtons with modern Macs.